The RAW THΦUGHTS Series: Book One



In RAW THΦUGHTS, John Casey unfolds a visceral exploration of mindfulness and hope through a symbiotic fusion of poetic and photographic art. Each successive poem - photo pairing, each "raw thought," builds on an underlying philosophy that compels us to assess and adjust what and how we think with the aim of improving our lives and by extension, the lives of those around us.

National Book Award Nominee (2019).  Select poetry from RAW THΦUGHTS is nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Published by Adelaide Books (New York, Lisbon), RAW THΦUGHTS is book one of a two-book series. RAW THΦUGHTS CODA will be released in 2020.

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Photography by Scott Hussey

“A splendid journey of pain and passion, light, discovery and flight, beautifully told in poetic and photographic imagery.”

  • DAVID WOOD, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of What Have We Done and Beyond The Battlefield

“Casey offers us a new transformative experience in RAW THΦUGHTS. Each amazing photo-poetic construct is not just a set of images and words, but a therapeutic medium that touches the depths and heights of the human experience.”

  • JASON Z. W. POWERS, MD, MAPP, Author of When The Servant Becomes The Master and Positive Daily Recovery Guide

“RAW THΦUGHTS takes the reader on an introspective and mindful journey of growth and redemption. Through poignant images and beautiful poetry, John Casey offers his readers a new approach to mindfulness, self-reflection, and spirituality.”

  • JANNELL MACAULAY, PHD, Lt Col USAF (RETIRED), Mindfulness Advocate and Leadership & Performance Specialist

“In RAW THΦUGHTS, John Casey gives us a glimpse into the heart and mind, melding both in a search for hope. His poems furnish the words, and the photography of Scott Hussey shows us the magic of the combination. Together, the poem-photo fusion delivers an ethereal duet of meaning worth exploring.”

  • SHERYL NELMS, author of 21 published collections of poetry and four-time Pushcart Prize nominee

The poetry in RAW THΦUGHTS is accessible vs. literary, with enough figurative language and imagery to placate the serious poetic enthusiast. This is intentional, as RAW THΦUGHTS is not targeted at the MFA-touting echelon. The reader is everyone, with a bent toward the common man and woman.

All photos in the book were shot by Scott Hussey on film using vintage medium format cameras.