The Devolution Trilogy: Book Three



Michael Dolan is now the Director of CIA black operations unit SCALPEL, his fortunes buoyed by unparalleled success in preventing several terrorist attacks. After uncovering a network of organizations that have joined forces to destroy America, he must risk putting the world at war if he is to save it.

REVELATION is book three of a psychological spy thriller series (The Devolution Trilogy).


FROM THE AUTHOR:  When I began writing The DEVOLUTION Trilogy I wanted to create a story where the depth and complexity of the main character, Michael Dolan, were just as compelling and important as the plot. As spy thrillers go, this series has everything readers of the genre crave: action, suspense, cliffhangers and mystery. What makes the story so unique (and that much more captivating), however, is Dolan's dark and labyrinthine psychological struggle as he navigates the challenges of his top - secret missions while confronting the demons of his past.

Cover Photo by Scott Hussey